Daily Wordle #1118 Jul 11 2024 Answers

Daily Wordle #1118 Jul 11 2024 AnswersBelow you may find the Daily Wordle #1118 Jul 11 2024 Answers and Solution. Wordle is one of the most viral word games that has been trending since November 2021. The rules of the game are plain simple, you have to guess correctly the five letter words given in only 6 tries. The green box represents the right letter in the right spot, the yellow box represents a correct letter but wrong spot and the grey box shows an invalid entry. For all other older Daily Wordle Answers we recommend you to visit our archive page.

The solution for today’s wordle puzzle is:


The answer given above is valid only for Wordle #1118 which can be played online at the official site over at Wordle.