Daily Pop Crosswords September 15 2018 Answers

Below you will be able to see all the answers, cheats and solutions for Daily Pop Crosswords September 15 2018 Answers.. This is a new crossword type of game developed by PuzzleNation which are quite popular in the trivia-app industry! In case you are looking for today’s Daily Pop Crosswords Answers look no further because we have just finished posting them and we have listed them below:

Crossword Pop September 15 2018 Answers

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  1. Take ___ song and make it better (Hey Jude lyric) (2 wds.)
  2. Warms the bench
  3. Golfer Hogan who won the U.S. Open four times between 1948 and 1953
  4. Fishing decoy
  5. Competitive rowing team
  6. Big fuss
  7. Up to the task
  8. Former baseball slugger Pete known as Charlie Hustle
  9. On fire
  10. Golfer who won the 2015 FedExCup (2 wds.)
  11. Boston clock setting during baseball season (Abbr.)
  12. Source of fast cash
  13. Dogfish Head brew
  14. Top card in a royal flush
  15. Wile E. Coyote’s supplier of iron bird seed
  16. Golfer who won the 2014 FedExCup (2 wds.)
  17. Sport in which referees wear kimono-like silk outfits
  18. Federal medical research agency (Abbr.)
  19. Tie-ending game periods (Abbr.)
  20. Yelps of pain
  21. Fortune 500 listings (Abbr.)
  22. Golfer who won the 2017 FedExCup (2 wds.)
  23. Team that won 121 medals at the Rio Olympics (Abbr.)
  24. Heartburn novelist Ephron
  25. Big name in beauty superstores
  26. TV room
  27. Suffix with movie or church
  28. What the buffalo do in song
  29. Mork & Mindy planet
  30. Went quickly
  31. Marvel character Nick played by Samuel L. Jackson


  1. One of the Gulf states (Abbr.)
  2. History or science e.g. (Abbr.)
  3. Folk singer Guthrie
  4. Big name in farm equipment
  5. Withdraw from a race as a horse
  6. Golf club used for chipping
  7. Westworld actress Thompson
  8. Won every game in a series
  9. Actor Christian of American Hustle and American Psycho
  10. Revise
  11. Sex and the City actor Chris
  12. Saving Private Ryan event (Hyph.)
  13. All-in-one Apple computer
  14. Stomach muscles for short
  15. Actress Lucy of Charlie’s Angels
  16. Good name for a tree-lined street
  17. Years on end
  18. Actor John who plays Sulu in recent Star Trek films
  19. Mr. ___ (N.Y. MLB mascot)
  20. Golfer Ernie nicknamed The Big Easy
  21. Pirate’s booty
  22. NASCAR Hall of Famer Petty
  23. ___-fly pie
  24. Sports bar finger food
  25. Rapper ___ Dogg
  26. Little blue cartoon
  27. Japanese martial art
  28. ___-friendly (easy to operate)
  29. Pocketed as a pool ball
  30. Family ___ (genealogical chart)
  31. Outfielder Matty who played 15 seasons in the MLB
  32. Symbol on the Texas state flag
  33. Actress Adams of The Muppets