Daily Pop Crosswords July 13 2018 Answers

Below you will be able to see all the answers, cheats and solutions for Daily Pop Crosswords July 13 2018 Answers.. This is a new crossword type of game developed by PuzzleNation which are quite popular in the trivia-app industry! In case you are looking for today’s Daily Pop Crosswords Answers look no further because we have just finished posting them and we have listed them below:

Crossword Pop July 13 2018 Answers

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  1. Urgent-care hospital areas for short
  2. TV/radio-regulating govt. agency (Abbr.)
  3. “The Big Short” actor Pitt
  4. “Go team!”
  5. “You’ve got mail” email provider
  6. “WKRP in Cincinnati” actress Anderson
  7. In days past
  8. Letter left by Zorro
  9. “Game of Thrones” actress Chaplin
  10. “Wizards of Waverly Place” actress who voices Mavis in “Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation” (2 wds.)
  11. Apt anagram of “it’s”
  12. Bit of shut-eye
  13. “Where Eagles ___” (Clint Eastwood WWII film)
  14. African snake
  15. Horror film franchise with its seventh sequel in 2017
  16. “Boardwalk Empire” actor who voices Wayne in “Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation” (2 wds.)
  17. “Halt and Catch Fire” actor Pace
  18. Mysterious gift for short
  19. Picnic-spoiling insects
  20. Bottom-row PC key
  21. Sculpture paintings etc.
  22. “Spanglish” actor who voices Dracula in “Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation” (2 wds.)
  23. Computer list that may drop down
  24. “___ Age: Collision Course” (2016 animated sequel)
  25. Oscar nomination informally
  26. Yoga class surfaces
  27. Playful bite from a puppy
  28. “___ Air” (1997 Nic Cage film)
  29. Garfield’s housemate
  30. Speedy plane once
  31. Incoming flight info briefly
  32. Stat for Clayton Kershaw for short
  33. Cleaning cloths
  34. Shape-maintaining footwear insert (2 wds.)
  35. Throws for a loop
  36. “True Grit” (2010) director Joel or Ethan
  37. Makes quite a profit (2 wds.)
  38. Baseball hit just beyond the infield
  39. 2015 film based on an Emma Donoghue bestseller
  40. Actress Winters of “13 Reasons Why”
  41. “In Her Shoes” actress Cameron
  42. “Spotlight” actor Schreiber
  43. Continuity problems
  44. Step up from dial-up for short
  45. Consumed
  46. Chooses not to vote
  47. Paragraph portion
  48. Account balance (Abbr.)
  49. Green Bay’s state (Abbr.)
  50. “Electric” swimmers
  51. Actor Reiner who plays Saul Bloom in the “Ocean’s” films
  52. Get a giggle from
  53. Masterful
  54. Rounds used in target practice
  55. In need of a recharge as a laptop battery
  56. Voting “no”
  57. CBS military drama starring Mark Harmon
  58. Edible part of a radish or carrot
  59. 23andMe test material (Abbr.)